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Sunday, June 19, 2011

133 Day to Halloween 2011

Yes, I'm crazy and thinking about Halloween already. (really I'm crazy I already started my Chirstmas shopping too!)

But, there one good reason to think early. It Saves Money. Thinking in advance gives you plenty of time to come up with a Halloween idea and find the best and cheapest way to make it happen.

If my kids want a good witch out fit, pretending I don't have the items I hand, I can go garage sale shopping or ask around of old worn out black clothing. (the black clothing works for more than half of the costumes)

Want to make something extra specail. No problem pull out that sewing machine and get working. With all the extra time, you'll be able to make a great costumes that is bound to win a few prizes.

Halloween is going to be even more exciting this year. We finally got other kids to move into our part of the block...should be extra fun.

If you got something Halloween to share, send me a comment and we'll get it posted.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wonderful Halloween Costumes by kittycooks

This pea pod costume is so cute. Perfect for those of us who are in love with the Veggie Tales as well. kittycooks has writing easy to follow instructions with great looking pictures to help create the unquie pea pod.

This unquie costume is great for using old clothes hidden into the closet. I love this idea because there is usually some old clothes hiding in the children closet. We can recycle those old clothes into a new and wonderful Halloween costume.

Check out these two costumes as well: