Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Minute Halloween decorations

Found yourself need to decorate at the last minute? No matter the reason why, short on time or on money, this article on last minute decorations will have tips to help you get on your way. Starting with stuff around the house and in yard; there a lot of details that you can add to your decorations without spending a lot of money.

This weekend is it for 2010. I hope to share some good Halloween pictures with everyone. Never know I might see you out there.

Last minute Halloween decorations

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Costume made from Leftovers

Halloween is approaching fast. This year seems to go by so quickly; I'm still trying to catch up to it. Five Days until Halloween day and only two days away from the first Halloween party for my family. This year we haven't bought anything for Halloween yet; as like many of us we are trying to save as much money as possible. Tonight we pulled down that old Halloween box to see what was inside.

To have a really great Halloween box without spending a lot of money it is best to buy Halloween items just after Halloween. Yes, you miss that years Halloween. You also save tons of money and end up with really cool items for future Halloweens. Another cheap way is to keep some old ragged clothes around as well. Like black pants that got bleach spilled on them. The pants can either become hard at work pants or save for Halloween. Of course your Halloween box can become over full. That when you can share with neighbors or weed out old stuff that most likely won't be missed.

Inside our Halloween box was a little bare this year with new item. However our oldest son has fun mixing and matching items. He took an old black robe that was adult size. We cut jagged all around the bottom of the robe and arms of the robe to make it fit him. He then took an Alien mask and put it on with black gloves left over from winter. He used the two arm selves cuts to wrap around his wrist to hide his skin. The cut from the bottom of his robe is warn like a scarf to hide his neck. It became a really good costume from some old junk.

I'm planning to get some good pictures on Halloween from him. So if your low on funds or just want to save money; look no further then the junk in your own home or even a local thrift store.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Neat Halloween items to check out By DianeCass

DianeCass  has some good Halloween items to share with us at

Nice spooky Halloween Coffee mug. Perfect Halloween gift for coffee or tea lovers.

Halloween Coffee Mugs

Wonderfully spooky Halloween announcement. Perfect for inviting all your friends to your Halloween Party!

Halloween Invitation

Here are some more frightful gifts that your friends will love.

Some more Fightful Gifts

Easy Indoor Halloween Decorations

Easy Indoor Halloween Decorations

Author: The Halloween Host

I always like to start with a Halloween theme for my Halloween decorations. Ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, etc… then build from that point.

In a ghost theme, you can create ghosts from sheets and pin them up on walls or have them hang from different elevations in your home. Such as railings, doorways, lamps, cabinets etc. are inventive.
Ghouls and skeletons are pretty much the same concept except they can be placed in a chair or a bathroom or place it on a wall right where people might be coming in.

Pumpkins are my favorite theme. You can carve many different designs out of a pumpkin even if you aren't very artistic.  There are stencils for carving pumpkins such as pet faces, silly faces, scary faces, or even inanimate objects such as tomb stones. How about a carving of a pumpkin?

I always thought it would be cool to have a pumpkin carving contest. The guests can bring their own pumpkin and you decide if it should be carved at your house or if it should already be carved when they arrive. I like the latter idea because of the mess they make.  If you do decide you want it done at your house just insist they clean the pumpkin before they arrive. This will cut down on the mess. Put garbage containers near every two people and have a time limit. You can judge by categories or just overall whose was the best.  And then the pumpkins become part of your d├ęcor.

Be sure to use plenty of spider webs so your house looks creepy. Spiders are great also. If you have a basement and use it as your party room place spiders lining the walls going down the stairs with a large spider up above.

In the bathroom if you really want to scare someone squirt fake blood all over the tub walls and shower curtain then close the curtains part way. Then you can put some fake body parts in the tub.  And don't forget the sound effects.

Halloween can be as much fun for decorations as Christmas. So have a ghoulish good time.

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Top Five Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Wonder what the top five outdoor decorations for Halloween are? This list can help give you the heads up on whats hot.

Top Five Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Saturday, October 9, 2010

All I know About Halloween

All I Know About Halloween squidBOO page was written by Virginia Allain, who is indeed a very good writer.
Virginia is embarrassing Halloween this year starting with sharing very thing she know about Halloween.
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  2. Make Some Extreme Pumpkins for Halloween
  3. Webpages about Vampires, Bats and Black Cats
  1. Other Halloween Topics
  2. Places to Go for Halloween
  3. Lots of Halloween Costumes 
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