Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebration of Halloween

On Halloween kids dress up in costume and go Trick or Treating. Trick or Treating is when the kids go door to door say “Trick or Treat” and receive candy from the residents of the home. There are some problems with Trick or Treating from number of people practicing to the safety of the children. Another version in some town is to gather the people together in one place and give candy to the children dress in costumes. This usually takes place downtown or in a mall where the businesses hope to increase their sales off the Halloween traffic. Some other local organizations, such as churches, hold Halloween parties for the children to safely pass out candy to the children.

These several of today’s tradition for Halloween that are fun for the children, but where did Halloween come from? One wise woman, who happens to be my mother, explained Halloween to us this way:


A long time ago before Salem and the burning of witches, people believed that on Halloween the gates of Hell where open to the earth. Demon and evil sprits could then walk then earth and have their fun. To avoid being recognized by these evil spirits and demons, people would dress in costumes to blend in. People who did not blend in would get haunted and have bad luck.

Although this is a Halloween myth, this is a much interesting version compared to the long version in the encyclopedia.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Save money on Halloween Costumes!

Hopefully our economy will be picking back up to normal soon, or as normal as we ever were. Saving our money the best we can and still have a great Halloween Costume is very possible if we think out of the box. Thinking out of the box for a good costume happened to me about three years ago; when the school informed me the kids could dress up for Halloween but spend only $3.00 for a costume. My first reaction was not pretty.

The school must be out of their mind, unless you had old clothes around the house to make a costume. The kids had new clothes for school and winter, so I knew I didn't have any old clothes left. Store bought costumes cost at least $10.00. Then after I calmed down and thought for awhile. My husband said we'll have to go to the local thrift store or Dollar Tree and see what we can come up with.The first stop was to Dollar Tree. I was amazed at the costumes they had for only $1.00. There was a set for a pirate, knight, and a police officer. The boys were happy with the selection and we stayed into the school rules.

Today I still keep in mind to think outside of the box. Most costumes sold in the store today and be remade at home from old clothes, dollar stores, and/or thrift stores. For your next Halloween Party, why not try having some fun thinking outside of the box. Set a low limit for everyone costumes. This does take some good will faith, but if people don't fib and break the rules, this can be a lot of fun.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween Lights

Lights can make all the difference to your Halloween decorations. You can use light to help light up a path way you wish for trick or treaters to take, help draw attention to decorations, and help to keep everyone safe.

Lights have came a long way in the last few years. Solar lights can be a great addition to any spot without electric or batteries. You can decorate a bush by simply laying our a net of lights over the bush. With strobe lights you can make you yard more spooky looking. Candle are no longer need inside pumpkins and light are now also made for lighting up the pumpkins. Pumpkin lights are great for windy weather as they won't blow out like the candle will.

So when you are thinking about decorations for your yard at Halloween, don't forget the lights too.

How to Make this Year's Halloween Safe for Your Children By Glencap

Kids and Halloween
Halloween is one of the most enjoyable times in a child’s life. Every year they get to wear colorful scary costumes, meet up with their friends and neighbors, and frighten us adults into giving them tasty treats to satisfy those ghastly little palates. As children, we remember how much fun we use to have, and how we couldn’t wait for nightfall to begin us quest ghoulishness. Things about this special day have changed over the years, but one the thing that will always remain the same are the smiles and cheers that Halloween has brought to so many kids over the years; even big kids like me. To help ensure that they continue have a safe and fun-filled holiday, here are some important guidelines to follow for your special little people.
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Safety when door to door tick or treating

Many of costumes are dark in color for Halloween. However it is very hard to be a parent driving during Halloween when the children are hard to see. There is an easy remedy that will help to make the children more visible without taking away the fun of the costume.

Get some glow in the dark tape. The tape can easily be add to the kids coat, candy bag, shoes, pants, or even their backs. Another great way is to make the glow in the dark tape part of the costume. Make the tape into shapes like bats or spiders. This can even be done on a sheet of card stock or construction paper and glued into place.

Good at painting. Try some glow in the dark paint. Glow in the dark paint is great for homemade costumes or adding to store boughten costumes.

At the local Dollar Tree, I notice they have glow in the dark swords. That would be a great way to keep a knight safe during their trick or treating.

Another great way to keep kids safe is to make them walking. Walking will have less falls and trips and more time for drivers to see them. Although most driver are nice enough to drive slow, they still need to time to stop.

Parents please, if you don't have to, don't drive. Most of us can use some exercise, so unless you are truly unable to walk, please don't drive. Its best to walk with the kids so someone doesn't grab them.When the kids get bunched into crowds it easy to loose track of them. Plus if you watching your kids you are less likely to not see the child stand in front or behind your vehicle.

With a little team effort we can keep our children safe this Halloween.

Checking Candy at Halloween Time

There was also was large importance from my parents to check all the candy we got at Halloween time. Even during the treat or treating, if we want a snack Dad would stop to make sure the candy was safe before we ate the candy. Mom was always home passing out the candy. As we got older it seemed the importance of checking the candy got smaller. This may have been from us getting older and should know what to look for to make sure the candy was safe.

Today I still carry out the tradition of checking the candy. I make the kids pour the candy out into their own piles as I check to make sure everything looks OK. Plus to bag for a few pieces for me too. I notice other kids however eating the candy right out of their bags as they are trick or treating. This really is unsafe. We need to still take time and check the candy. I would like to think no one would harm our children, but all we have to do is watch the news to know that is wrong.

We need to check our child's Candy and teach the children to check their own candy too for additional protection.

Halloween time is getting near

Halloween time is getting closer. Many towns have now changed from door to door trick or treating to trunk of treating. Trunk or treating is where a large group, sometimes done by a group of churches, gather at one location. Here they normal gather at a local race track or at the fair ground. People load candy into the trunks of there cars. Kids still dress up into costumes. Sometimes there is even a contest for the costumes. The kids have fun, play games, and then walk around from trunk to trunk to get their candy. This is an odd twist to the traditions I remember as a child, but add safety for the children. Last year I even notice a booth set up to check the children candy. There were still a few door to door candy location, but not many. The booth helped the kids to check their candy and make sure they were safe. This year we plan to keep an eye out for the Trunk of Treating. It a lot of fun and a lot less walking.

(NEW) Personal Creations Halloween

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to do Cat Face Paint By Tara Swadley

Lots of kids, and grown ups too, want to be able to have their faces painted for Halloween. A quick cat face paint technique is listed below. I can do this in about two minutes now and even for the inexperienced it’s a quick and easy face.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

How to make a Scare Crow Family

Scare crows are great at Halloween. Ever think up setting up a scare crow family and dressing up as one of them. Great way to have a little fun and scare the neighbors. This can be a fun and inexpensive way to decorate for Halloween.

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