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Halloween Spirit

Halloween can be a fun time of the year if you participate. More and more people think Halloween is losing it magic or Halloween spirit because the old door to door tick or treating is disappearing. In Sevierville, TN there is very little door to door tick or treating instead the kids go down to various local functions. The churches, community center, and even the local baseball stadium give the children as chance to get candy. The churches do more of a trunk or treat where the people from the church pass out candy from the trunk of their cars. The towns do this to keep our children safe, as door to door has become increasing more dangerous. So how do we continue to have Halloween spirit, fun, and excitement?

Volunteer at some of the local events. Do you have really neat Halloween decorations, like to scare people, or just have some time to help pass out candy? Volunteering to help out with a local event or some of the local events is a great way to have fun with Halloween and share the fun with everyone in the neighborhood. It is also a great way to meet new people in the town as well. Never know, mingling at Halloween events may even help your personal career!

Churches, community centers, or the local chamber of commerce will be able to help lead you to the right direction of local events going on for Halloween and who to get in contact with to volunteer your services. Not only is this helpful to spread the Halloween spirit with everyone in your neighborhood but it also help to make Halloween twice as much fun for any children you may know, including the big kids as well.

Halloween parties are still a SCREAM. Children and Adults can enjoy a Halloween party. With all the old Halloween games and maybe a haunted house, a Halloween party with all your family and friends is a great way to spread the Halloween spirit. This is a perfect way to share your Halloween craftiness by showing off your Halloween foods, decorations, and imaginations. Maybe even a nice cauldron over a fire with some good soup would be a great way to feed the ground and be spooky. Many people even collect can food in exchange for the soup. Great way to help out the local food pantries for needed people.

Decorate your front lawn. Just because people don’t door to door tick or treat much anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your front lawn. Now with a little bit of planning the Halloween decoration can easily be reused for Thanksgiving decorations as well. 

Scarecrows can be dressed spooky for Halloween, but turned into happy scarecrows for Thanksgiving.

Painted pumpkins can have two faces; one side of the pumpkin spooky for Halloween and the other side cute or turkey face for Thanksgiving.

Noose hanging from a tree can look spooky especially with a vampire or witch or funny for Thanksgiving with a turkey.

There can still be Halloween spirit with or without door to door tick or treating. We can still have fun and keep the children safe. If you are friends with many of your neighbors, or live on a safe street and want to get to know your neighbors, you can always have a Halloween block party. This would allow the children to have fun, but keep them in a safe area.

Last but not least you could create your own haunted house. This can be done in your backyard, garage, or even a basement. Have fun scaring some family and friends. After checking with local laws you could even charge a small donation to donate to a charity. Halloween fun for the neighbors while helping a local charity; best of two worlds.

Halloween Gypsy Costumes

With so many colleges in the Pennsylvania/New England area, skimpy, sexy costumes are always in high demand. Frat parties on college campuses in Pennsylvania demand the best costume and Halloween gypsy costumes are always a crowd pleaser.

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How to do Goth Make Up for Halloween

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Pierced Gothic Guy Halloween Costume

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Putting together a great vampire or Vampiress Costume

The vampire or vampiress Halloween costume is quite possibly one of the most popular. On Halloween you can't walk down the street, go to a party or even look out your door without seeing someone wearing plastic fangs and a cape. But most of these costumes are lacking something. They lack believability, depth and, most of all, they lack that horrifying look you're supposed to get when you see an undead creature that wants to kill you.

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Scariest Vampire Contacts

As shown in this picture with the right contacts your eyes can stand out and be the most scariest thing other people will remember from Halloween. Here Tara Swadley explains how to get the best and scariest Vampire Contacts. This article is a must to scare everyone for Halloween.

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Best Couple Costumes: Angel and Devil Halloween Costumes

Wonderful Angel Costume to go with your hubbies Devil Halloween Costume.

Angel and Devil Halloween costumes are a very popular couples costume. It’s a surefire crowd pleaser at any Halloween party. Best of all, this cute couple’s costume doesn’t need to be planned too far in advance and the clothing portion of the costume can be planned on a whim with things many have in their closets already.

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Photo by: Varyamo

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How to Make Unique Jackolantern Faces with an Amazing Pumpkin Carving Technique

Looking for some unique ideas for your jackolanterns?  This jackolantern is sure to get some scream out of visitor. Two great article that will help you to create a pumpkin into a unique jackolanter for Halloween.

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Dog Halloween Costume - Safety Tips for Pet Dogs

Dog Halloween Costume - Safety Tips for Pet Dogs

Author: Donna Boras

The demand for dog Halloween costumes has grown in the past number of years. Some families like to have their dog with them while trick-or-treating for security purposes; how about dressing your buddy up for Halloween and allow him to have fun too,  keeping dog Halloween safety in mind of course. With a properly trained pet, and dog-loving neighbors, it can be a family event. Some dogs like getting dressed up and the attention they get. Those who are not party animals may become stressed.  Here are some tips that may get your best friend in the mood.

Tips for Persuasion
1. Don’t wait until Halloween day, start a couple of weeks before to get your dog accustomed to the costume using treats to persuade him.
2. Let your buddy sniff around the costume, lay it over him for a minute, praise him and give him a treat. Do this several times. Every day follow this procedure, leaving the costume on longer each time.
3. Loosely put the costume on your doggy and repeat what you have done in the instructions above. A minute at first and then gradually take longer increments. Accompany this with many of treats and much praise.
4. If your dog gets nervous and agitated, and does not liking the costume idea, forget it. A doggy t-shirt, Halloween collar or bandana may be a better alternative.

Dog Halloween Costumes – Tips for Safety
1. The correct fit is important - not too tight or constricting.
2. Avoid impeding the breathing, hearing, sight, movement or barking.
3. Costume should not cause overheating.
4. The costume should be checked for things that may be poisonous or that may choke your doggy.
5. A dog should not at any time be left unattended when wearing a costume.
6. All rubber bands should be removed immediately.

Inside Safety on Halloween
1. Be mindful that your dog does not escape when you open your door to trick-or-treaters.
2. If your dog accidentally gets out, wearing a reflector could prevent injury from a car.
3. In case your dog does escape, do make sure he has an Identification tag on.
4. Think about having your friend on a leash, crated or in another room when trick and treaters are out and about.
5. Candy and wrappers will be everywhere on Halloween but they must be kept away from pets. A chew toy or a canine treat should keep him satisfied so that he does not feel left out.

Safety on Halloween - Outside
1. Every Halloween pets are injured, stolen tormented and tortured. It is important not to leave your dog outside on Halloween.
2. If you walk your dog Halloween evening, be vigilant of what he may pick up along the path.
3. Do have your dog on a lead and make sure he is wearing a collar and ID.
4. Set Jack O'Lanterns and lighted candles where they cannot be tipped over.

Shopping for Dog Halloween Costumes:
Does your dog have the temperament for trick or treating with the family? If so there is a huge amount of choices available for pets.
Have a safe and fun Halloween with your dog!

Article Source:

About the Author

Donna Boras is a life long dog lover and owner of where you will find a wealth of information, products and advice on caring for your dogs.  Subscribe to our FREE monthly publication; "The Dog Scoop" and receive 2 complimentary  gifts.

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Top 5 Amazing Pumpkin Carving Techniques

Looking for something new an unique for carving your pumpkin this year? Here are five amazing techniques to make your pump stand out from the rest. With these techniques you are sure to wow your Halloween visitors.

5 Amazing Techniques

How to Apply Vampiress Makeup

Photo by: busangane 

Complete and easy to follow directions to make a pierced vampiress look for Halloween. Tara Swadley has done a great job explaining exactly how to achieve a wonderful vampiress look that is bound to amaze all your friends for Halloween.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween Costumes

Photo by Lapopat
A great professional looking Vampire Costume. Everything you need to make a grate Vampire Costume. Perfect for Halloween parties or Halloween costume contests. Have Fun.

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How to Plan a Halloween Party

Halloween Parties are the top news going around for the month of October. Knowing how to plan a Halloween party can mean the difference between an "OK" party and an amazing party.

This article by Susan Golis is just want you need to help plan for a Halloween party that everyone will remember.

Start Planning your Halloween Party today with by reading How to Plan a Halloween party. I hope you have a dreadfully spooky Halloween party.

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Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Author: Halloween Costume Fun

Toddler Halloween costumes are favored by all the little children. The selection of toddler costumes continues to grow, making each year harder and harder to pick out a costume. We all know that you want your toddler looking the cutest Halloween night.

Little girls love to dress up. They love to play house and they love to neatly place their stuffed animals around the table for a tea party. Little girls enjoy dressing in their prettiest dresses and tiara's while nibbling on little cracker cakes next to their friends. Princess costumes will have your child enjoying tea time in style, being the princess of the castle, and she will even be teaching her pupils how to make a great queen.

Witches are a popular Halloween costume as well. With costumes are preciously made, keeping your child as sweet as a button. She will be brewing up some of the sweetest potions in her witch outfit, just don't get on her bad side or she will get all hocus pocus alakazam on you and turn you into a shoe. Witch costumes are full of magical fun.

Toddler boys and girls are fascinated by superheroes. With their super fast speeds, being able to fly, and how the fight against the villains to protect the innocent, is definitely intriguing to the little eyes. Superhero costumes offer a sense of adventure for all the children. Your little stallion will be looking super buff in a muscle chest superhero costume and pair up your daughter and have a super team duo.

Boys love playing cops and robbers. They love upholding the law in an officer uniform. Police costumes are available for the little ones who want to take down the bad guys, they are the ones who want to make a difference at all the homes and local businesses. Just make sure to get all your chores done, otherwise he's going to give you a ticket. Whether you are on home or on the go, mind your P's & Q's, cuz this little Sheriff means serious business.

There are a lot of educational and fun cartoons now on television. Children enjoy watching all their favorite shows and would love to go exploring in a Deigo or Dora costume. We all love Sponge Bob, after all, he lives in a pineapple under the sea. Super Why, the Back Yardigans, and Handy Manny are all popular shows we watch at home. Let your toddler watch all the favs in costume!

Toddler costumes are an all year craze and make great birthday gifts as well as Halloween costumes. There are so  many choices that will have your child's wheels turning a mile a minute. The options are endless in a toddler costume!

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Pumpkin Carving with young children or toddlers

Kids of all ages, including the ones inside us, like to carve pumpkins. Although this is a fun tradition, it can also be dangerous for young children or toddlers. Toddler and young children can still get into having safe fun carving pumpkins but with a twist. Many toddler or young children don't have the strength to use the safer pumpkin knives, so they get stuck watch their parents cut their pumpkin for them. This article has some great suggestion to help the toddler or young children to enjoy carving their pumpkin without getting hurt.

How to include young children or toddlers in Pumpkin Carving