Saturday, August 28, 2010

My favorite Halloween Costume

Halloween items are just around the corner and into our stores. However visiting you local thrift store you could not only create your own costumes at a much cheaper price, but you can also help other people as well.

My favorite costume was dressing up as a witch. Not only did I enjoy being a witch but I also won many Halloween competitions for the costumes as well. The costume was all self made. Starting with a black gown from my mother. It was an old maternity gown that was all black and thick. We cut the bottom of the gown to have jagged edges.

Living up north during my childhood, having the gown was big was perfect so I could easily wear clothes underneath so I could be warm.

Next we got a cape, witch's hat, lots of green make up, and black hair spray. Wearing dark colored clothes, then the maternity gown, then the cape. Painted my hands and face dark green. Ratted my own long blond hair as high as it would go, and sprayed it with black hair paint. My hair was completely black and ratted. Some people thought it was an expensive wig. Then top with witch's hat.

Latter We even found some old ties. Which we sewed together to make as a snake. I the wore the snake around my neck. An unique and elaborate costume. Overall this costume didn't cost that much, every year it got better and didn't cost much.

With over 60 day till Halloween now is the perfect time to start searching local thrift store for costume parts.