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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween Spirit

Halloween can be a fun time of the year if you participate. More and more people think Halloween is losing it magic or Halloween spirit because the old door to door tick or treating is disappearing. In Sevierville, TN there is very little door to door tick or treating instead the kids go down to various local functions. The churches, community center, and even the local baseball stadium give the children as chance to get candy. The churches do more of a trunk or treat where the people from the church pass out candy from the trunk of their cars. The towns do this to keep our children safe, as door to door has become increasing more dangerous. So how do we continue to have Halloween spirit, fun, and excitement?

Volunteer at some of the local events. Do you have really neat Halloween decorations, like to scare people, or just have some time to help pass out candy? Volunteering to help out with a local event or some of the local events is a great way to have fun with Halloween and share the fun with everyone in the neighborhood. It is also a great way to meet new people in the town as well. Never know, mingling at Halloween events may even help your personal career!

Churches, community centers, or the local chamber of commerce will be able to help lead you to the right direction of local events going on for Halloween and who to get in contact with to volunteer your services. Not only is this helpful to spread the Halloween spirit with everyone in your neighborhood but it also help to make Halloween twice as much fun for any children you may know, including the big kids as well.

Halloween parties are still a SCREAM. Children and Adults can enjoy a Halloween party. With all the old Halloween games and maybe a haunted house, a Halloween party with all your family and friends is a great way to spread the Halloween spirit. This is a perfect way to share your Halloween craftiness by showing off your Halloween foods, decorations, and imaginations. Maybe even a nice cauldron over a fire with some good soup would be a great way to feed the ground and be spooky. Many people even collect can food in exchange for the soup. Great way to help out the local food pantries for needed people.

Decorate your front lawn. Just because people don’t door to door tick or treat much anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your front lawn. Now with a little bit of planning the Halloween decoration can easily be reused for Thanksgiving decorations as well. 

Scarecrows can be dressed spooky for Halloween, but turned into happy scarecrows for Thanksgiving.

Painted pumpkins can have two faces; one side of the pumpkin spooky for Halloween and the other side cute or turkey face for Thanksgiving.

Noose hanging from a tree can look spooky especially with a vampire or witch or funny for Thanksgiving with a turkey.

There can still be Halloween spirit with or without door to door tick or treating. We can still have fun and keep the children safe. If you are friends with many of your neighbors, or live on a safe street and want to get to know your neighbors, you can always have a Halloween block party. This would allow the children to have fun, but keep them in a safe area.

Last but not least you could create your own haunted house. This can be done in your backyard, garage, or even a basement. Have fun scaring some family and friends. After checking with local laws you could even charge a small donation to donate to a charity. Halloween fun for the neighbors while helping a local charity; best of two worlds.