Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Costume made from Leftovers

Halloween is approaching fast. This year seems to go by so quickly; I'm still trying to catch up to it. Five Days until Halloween day and only two days away from the first Halloween party for my family. This year we haven't bought anything for Halloween yet; as like many of us we are trying to save as much money as possible. Tonight we pulled down that old Halloween box to see what was inside.

To have a really great Halloween box without spending a lot of money it is best to buy Halloween items just after Halloween. Yes, you miss that years Halloween. You also save tons of money and end up with really cool items for future Halloweens. Another cheap way is to keep some old ragged clothes around as well. Like black pants that got bleach spilled on them. The pants can either become hard at work pants or save for Halloween. Of course your Halloween box can become over full. That when you can share with neighbors or weed out old stuff that most likely won't be missed.

Inside our Halloween box was a little bare this year with new item. However our oldest son has fun mixing and matching items. He took an old black robe that was adult size. We cut jagged all around the bottom of the robe and arms of the robe to make it fit him. He then took an Alien mask and put it on with black gloves left over from winter. He used the two arm selves cuts to wrap around his wrist to hide his skin. The cut from the bottom of his robe is warn like a scarf to hide his neck. It became a really good costume from some old junk.

I'm planning to get some good pictures on Halloween from him. So if your low on funds or just want to save money; look no further then the junk in your own home or even a local thrift store.