Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pictures of Halloween 2010

 Halloween 2010 was a lot of fun. My oldest son used a mask from an Alien costume and a black robe to make his costume. We cut the bottom of the robe so it wouldn't drag. He used the bottom of the robe to cover his arms and black glove to cover his hands. Not bad for his first time being creative and putting together his own costume.

The Younger son (the much shorter one lol) mixed two costumes together. He used a zombie bottom with a skeleton head. Easy and cute all at the same time.

The Second Picture here is my favorite as he has those red eyes staring at you. Really just that red eye effect from the flash that we normal don't want. But this worked great for the Halloween picture. 
 My husband, Richard, as Mario and his friend Jim, as Luigi. Both bought from the store, but just goes to show that you are never too old o have fun with Halloween. It just depends what you do with the Halloween season.
Last, my husband, again, and me. Sorry for the dark photo, but not bad for my son taking it. I had to tone down my normal witch costume because of the young kids we were going with. Instead I opted for this more fun purple witch. Try as I might nothing suits me better for Halloween then a witches costume. Put together from items I got from Walmart. Interesting looking hat with feather, black cape, a black shawl (helped to keep me warm too) and purple hair. I got the black cape from our Halloween box however.
We got the Halloween stuff all neatly packed away for next years use and plenty of candy left over as well.