Thursday, August 18, 2011

73 day to 2011 Halloween

This kids are back in school which mean Halloween is only a few months away. Now is the perfect time to find out what the kids what to be for Halloween. Starting early is the best way to save money. Not only can you search for old items to reuse but you have time to hand make needed items as well. Garage sales and thrift stores are the perfect place to find items to reuse in a Halloween costume and at a fraction of the price compared to last minute shopping.

Don't forget about you as well, there is Halloween costume contests coming up. Remember last years winner and their over the top look? With a little planning you can have a great costume and win this years contest. What do we need to be looking for. Below are some ideas to make old items great Halloween costumes.

Black Dress - An old black dress can be cut down to fit on children. The cuts will be great jagged as they will look more scary.

Tie - Old ties make a great snake. Witches can wear a snake tie as a belt or around their neck.

Colorful Big clothes - This clothes are great for a clown costume.

There are many good Halloween costumes that come out of old clothing. Start by choosing what you what to be and then let your imagination run wild.