Sunday, October 6, 2013

Deadly Snowmen

I've been sitting here think about snow all ready. We have moved from
Ohio to Tennessee, where we are not going to see snow like we had up
north unless we go into the mountain tops. I was remembering the last
time we made snowmen with the children. Hopefully I can go through the pictures soon and show you the snowmen. Since I don't have the picture now, I can at least tell you about the snowmen and the bad drawing on the left by me too.

We made two snowmen. The first snowman held with two sticks as arms, and toy sword. The second snowman was in front of the first snowman, except his head was on the ground. Then we used red Kool-Aid to color the snow. My children and husband was very proud of their killer snowmen.
Thankfully the neighbors got a kick out of the snowmen too.

This memory leads me to a good craft idea for the Halloween Party Foods:

*Killer Snowmen on a Pretzel*

Gather these Items:
Popped Pop Corn
Large pretzel
Red Food Coloring
Grease Cooking Pot
New Small Paint brush

Cut the Licorice into stick shapes, eye, noise and mouths.

Melt 3/4th of the caramel in a well grease cooking pot.

Drizzle some caramel over the popped popcorn and roll into three
different size balls. Assembly the popcorn balls like the snowmen;
large, medium, and small. Except every other snowman leave the head off
to the side.

Drip a dot of caramel on the pretzel where you want the snowman parts
and people to go.

While the popcorn snowman is still sticky; attach the licorice pieces to
the snowman.

Melt the remaining 1/4th of the caramel. Add red food coloring to the
melted caramel to give it a red tint.

With the small paint brush, brush the red tinted caramel on the snowman
without the head.

*Killer Marshmallow Snowmen*

Items Needed:
Gram Crackers
Jumbo Marshmallows
Regular Marshmallows
Miniatures Marshmallows
Thin Stick Pretzels
Red Food Coloring
Blue Food Coloring
New small Paint Brush

Stack the first snowman together; push a pretzel stick though to give
the snowman stability.

Place some frosting on the bottom of the snowman. Stick the snowman to
the gram cracker.

Repeat for the second snowman, but leave his head off and break the
pretzel in half.

Place frosting on the bottom of the head and place near the beheaded

Put frosting on one side of a pretzel. Attach the frosting side of the
pretzel to the attacking snow man. (This is his sword.)

In a bowl, mix the frosting with some red food coloring. Keep mixing
until the frosting is very smooth.

Paint the red paint where the beheaded snowman's blood should be.

In a bowl, mix the frosting with red and blue food coloring. You can use
the same bowl if you done with adding the entire blood coloring. Use
this frosting to paint the eyes, nose, and mouths.