Saturday, November 2, 2013

Clearance Time

I love the days after the Holidays. Why? Because it is the best time to buy some of those once expensive displays that wanted but wouldn't pay the price for. Clearance sales can save you hundreds on Halloween decor and costumes.

Next year my goal is to be part of the Trunk or Treat. I've never experienced until this Halloween. My family told me they love to go down to our church for Trunk or Treat and then about three to four block away is another church doing Trunk or Treat with houses in the middle. One of the homes went all out with a homemade haunted house. The haunted house was very good and scared my 12 year old.

I was amazed at the displays people did for Trunk or Treat. Some made getting the candy a game. Some just dressed up with chairs to pass out candy. Other went crazy using their car for huge displays. We saw haunted castles, haunted trains, and even the back of a car tuned into a jail cell. One church did a raffle and ours passed out food (hotdogs and chili) and drinks.

Seeing all the displays and the fun has inspired me to join in passing out candy at Trunk or Treat has inspired me to keep an eye out at the Halloween clearance sales for ideas for next year. My husband and I will do a theme together as our children will be old enough to Trunk or Treat together.

So if you enjoy seeing those happy faces on the kids and all the fun costumes. Consider checking out the clearance sales to save money on displays for next year.