Wednesday, October 30, 2013

She is out to ruin Halloween!!

For anyone this lady thinks is overweight she is going to give them a letter telling their parents that their child is overweight and does not need candy. You can see the actually let and more at this link...

I try not to ever get into the politics and ignore crazy people but this is unfair to children. When I lived in Michigan as a child we would make our costumes bigger to hide winter clothing under the costume so we would stay warm. What if that was us back then?

Plus what if the overweight child has sibling or friend going there that are skinny. Now the kid feel bad and has a lower self esteem. You can't always blame people for being overweight sometimes it really is a medical condition. Life is hard enough as a child. If the child has a weight problem they already have a hard enough time.

My advice, organize some neighborhood walks or exercise programs and invite them. However not all parents can afford to pay for programs. Towns could even get better exercise programs in their schools. As in the letter, "it takes a village to raise a child" then find way to help keep everyone healthy.

Ever wonder why a poor or tight budget kid might be overweight? Take a look at prices. The produce department is not cheap and the food doesn't keep as long. A package of hotdogs, not the expensive all beef ones, can be found for under a dollar a pack. That one dollar can be a meal for the whole family along with chips. Under five dollar for the meal. Not bad once in a while but what if that is all you can afford? Don't say "There is food stamp". Food stamps don't help everyone. There are real people working hard to make ends meet. They make too much for food stamps but not enough to pay all the bills, especially if there are medical conditions in the house home. Maybe money is why that kid is overweight.

Don't ruin Halloween of political bull. The kids want a fun night. We have them out and walking. If you are worried they are getting too much candy then pass out something healthy. There are lots of options. There is nothing wrong with passing out fruits.