Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebration of Halloween

On Halloween kids dress up in costume and go Trick or Treating. Trick or Treating is when the kids go door to door say “Trick or Treat” and receive candy from the residents of the home. There are some problems with Trick or Treating from number of people practicing to the safety of the children. Another version in some town is to gather the people together in one place and give candy to the children dress in costumes. This usually takes place downtown or in a mall where the businesses hope to increase their sales off the Halloween traffic. Some other local organizations, such as churches, hold Halloween parties for the children to safely pass out candy to the children.

These several of today’s tradition for Halloween that are fun for the children, but where did Halloween come from? One wise woman, who happens to be my mother, explained Halloween to us this way:


A long time ago before Salem and the burning of witches, people believed that on Halloween the gates of Hell where open to the earth. Demon and evil sprits could then walk then earth and have their fun. To avoid being recognized by these evil spirits and demons, people would dress in costumes to blend in. People who did not blend in would get haunted and have bad luck.

Although this is a Halloween myth, this is a much interesting version compared to the long version in the encyclopedia.