Friday, September 25, 2009

Save money on Halloween Costumes!

Hopefully our economy will be picking back up to normal soon, or as normal as we ever were. Saving our money the best we can and still have a great Halloween Costume is very possible if we think out of the box. Thinking out of the box for a good costume happened to me about three years ago; when the school informed me the kids could dress up for Halloween but spend only $3.00 for a costume. My first reaction was not pretty.

The school must be out of their mind, unless you had old clothes around the house to make a costume. The kids had new clothes for school and winter, so I knew I didn't have any old clothes left. Store bought costumes cost at least $10.00. Then after I calmed down and thought for awhile. My husband said we'll have to go to the local thrift store or Dollar Tree and see what we can come up with.The first stop was to Dollar Tree. I was amazed at the costumes they had for only $1.00. There was a set for a pirate, knight, and a police officer. The boys were happy with the selection and we stayed into the school rules.

Today I still keep in mind to think outside of the box. Most costumes sold in the store today and be remade at home from old clothes, dollar stores, and/or thrift stores. For your next Halloween Party, why not try having some fun thinking outside of the box. Set a low limit for everyone costumes. This does take some good will faith, but if people don't fib and break the rules, this can be a lot of fun.