Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween time is getting near

Halloween time is getting closer. Many towns have now changed from door to door trick or treating to trunk of treating. Trunk or treating is where a large group, sometimes done by a group of churches, gather at one location. Here they normal gather at a local race track or at the fair ground. People load candy into the trunks of there cars. Kids still dress up into costumes. Sometimes there is even a contest for the costumes. The kids have fun, play games, and then walk around from trunk to trunk to get their candy. This is an odd twist to the traditions I remember as a child, but add safety for the children. Last year I even notice a booth set up to check the children candy. There were still a few door to door candy location, but not many. The booth helped the kids to check their candy and make sure they were safe. This year we plan to keep an eye out for the Trunk of Treating. It a lot of fun and a lot less walking.

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