Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Checking Candy at Halloween Time

There was also was large importance from my parents to check all the candy we got at Halloween time. Even during the treat or treating, if we want a snack Dad would stop to make sure the candy was safe before we ate the candy. Mom was always home passing out the candy. As we got older it seemed the importance of checking the candy got smaller. This may have been from us getting older and should know what to look for to make sure the candy was safe.

Today I still carry out the tradition of checking the candy. I make the kids pour the candy out into their own piles as I check to make sure everything looks OK. Plus to bag for a few pieces for me too. I notice other kids however eating the candy right out of their bags as they are trick or treating. This really is unsafe. We need to still take time and check the candy. I would like to think no one would harm our children, but all we have to do is watch the news to know that is wrong.

We need to check our child's Candy and teach the children to check their own candy too for additional protection.