Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Safety when door to door tick or treating

Many of costumes are dark in color for Halloween. However it is very hard to be a parent driving during Halloween when the children are hard to see. There is an easy remedy that will help to make the children more visible without taking away the fun of the costume.

Get some glow in the dark tape. The tape can easily be add to the kids coat, candy bag, shoes, pants, or even their backs. Another great way is to make the glow in the dark tape part of the costume. Make the tape into shapes like bats or spiders. This can even be done on a sheet of card stock or construction paper and glued into place.

Good at painting. Try some glow in the dark paint. Glow in the dark paint is great for homemade costumes or adding to store boughten costumes.

At the local Dollar Tree, I notice they have glow in the dark swords. That would be a great way to keep a knight safe during their trick or treating.

Another great way to keep kids safe is to make them walking. Walking will have less falls and trips and more time for drivers to see them. Although most driver are nice enough to drive slow, they still need to time to stop.

Parents please, if you don't have to, don't drive. Most of us can use some exercise, so unless you are truly unable to walk, please don't drive. Its best to walk with the kids so someone doesn't grab them.When the kids get bunched into crowds it easy to loose track of them. Plus if you watching your kids you are less likely to not see the child stand in front or behind your vehicle.

With a little team effort we can keep our children safe this Halloween.