Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Costumes for Women

2010 Witch Costume
Halloween costumes for women are difficult, especially for the plus sizes. This year it seems the women costumes have gone completely in the wrong direction. Instead of scary they have gone sexy, many too sexy. They look like something that shouldn’t be worn out of the bedroom.

I’m a witch every Halloween. It is just a charter that I love since I was a little girl. Thankfully the costume has been mostly homemade. Each year I add something new. I have wanted to add a new dress to the costume but the price and designs have held me back from making the change. I’m hoping to soon customize a new dress for the witch costume.

I’ve looked though lots and lots of store for a good and not expensive Witches dress. Many of the costumes are really revealing. Sex appeal is becoming a big hype that goes with Halloween. The issue is these costumes are not appropriate for trick or treating with the kids. In many northern areas it is way too cold for such little clothing.

There are some costumes that are not based on sex appeal but they are hard to find. The best solution is to make your own costume with old clothes. Often old clothes are best found at thrift stores for these projects. Hopefully the people who make costume will hear our plea. If you know of a site/store that has Women plus size costumes or even costumes that don’t show so much please share below. Those of us searching will be happy to check it out.