Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Safety

Keep these guys safe
Safety is a concern on we must have on the fun Halloween night. Every year we hear stories on the news the next day of things that have gone wrong. Here are some tips to help be safe on Halloween.

1. Don’t be alone. This goes for trick or treaters and people passing out candy. Keep together with at least one other person.

2. Lights. Lights can help people see the walkway and help protect people from dangers. Lights do not have to take away from the Halloween spookiness; just use black light, strobe lights, and orange lights.

3. Candy check. Check the candy before eating it. This includes while trick or treating. Take some time and make sure there are no factory defects with the package or any issues.

4. Don’t give treats to pet unless they were made for the pet. Chocolate and other Halloween goodies are not good for pets.

5. Keep pet put safely away. Too many strangers and people acting in the Halloween spirit can scare the pet. The pet doesn’t understand what goes on. They could bite someone or get scared and run away. Also some people are not nice to pets, so keep them safely away from those people. Some kids are also afraid of dogs, like my youngest, and we don’t want them running out into traffic.

6. Make sure the kids costume won’t make them trip and they can see. If the costume is too long or they can’t see, cut the costume so it will fit them. Most costume only make a year or two and it better to be safe.

I also found this website on Halloween Safety. This site looks great and goes more into detail then I have gone.