Sunday, October 13, 2013

Making Halloween more environment friendly – Halloween Box

Many of us are doing are best to keep our Earth as healthy as we can. Many cities recycle. We try to reuse what we can. We donate items that are still good that we no longer want. Halloween is no exception. A Halloween box is a great way to save decorations and costumes from year to year.

Costumes can be expensive. A Halloween box can be just cardboard box or a nice plastic tote to help protect the costumes. Costumes can be reused or turned into something new. Families and friends can even share their costume boxes. Sharing costumes will help the family and friends to save money and allow the costumes to get reused more.

Keeping some old clothes, especially black ones, are perfect for the Halloween box. The used clothing can enhance other costumes and help to create new costumes. Personally one of my best witch’s gown was an old black maternity dress. The maternity dress was cut and ripped. I used black hairspray on my blond hair and green makeup on my face. Both of which ended up as stains over the years on the gown. This just made the gown even better for the next year. Old pants covered in fake blood from an older child the previous year would work great on a younger child this year.

By being green we can keep our planet clean for our children. Keep checking back for more Green Ideas.