Sunday, October 6, 2013

Healthy Halloween Treats

Picture by icekitty37
There is lots of talk about Candy being bad. Too much of anything is bad. I remember a local doctor
who would give out apples at one door and his wife gave out caramel at the other door. I didn’t mind the apples. Thinking back it would have been good to gather up the apples and make since nice baked apples. Could have even melted the caramel to go on top, but I’m getting off subject now. There is some Candy that is better than other and there are some other snack items that can be given out in place of candy like listed below:

Twirlers, my husband’s favorite, are a fat free candy.
Lemon Heads are fat free and about 10 pieces is about 50 Calories.
Pretzels are good but salty snack.
Nuts can be a good protein snack, but some people are allergic to them.
Juice boxes or flavored water bottles, kids get thirty as they Trick or Treat.

These are all good alternatives to just candy. If you are concerned about all the candy and would like to try another route by all means go ahead. Just need to think outside of the box for some yummy and healthier options.