Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Safety - Be Seen

by gun4hire
Halloween safety is or should be talked about every Halloween. Did you know that Halloween is the top day of the year for children being hit by cars! People try to be careful but its dark out, kids are in dark costumes, the costumes limit seeing and sometimes hearing abilities, and kids are often in a hurry and caught up in the fun. There are some simple ways to help keeps kids safe without taking away from the fun of Halloween.


We used to carry small flashlight when I went out trick or treating as a kid, but we didn't alway use them. Add costume accessories that will light up is a wonderful way to help the child see and be seen.

Lights should be added around thing dangerous. No one wants a kids walking through their garden. The child doesn't want to trip on the garden either. Lights around the garden will keep everyone happy and safe. The lights can be normal lights or the can be any fun or spooky color you would like.

Reflective tape

Reflective tape is a wonderful item that can be used in many many ways. When the light from a car shine on it the light will bounce back to the driver so they will see the child/tape. Use the tape on Halloween bags, costumes, shoes, backs, strollers, wagaons, bikes, and anything else you can think of. Reflective tape is also good for decorations as well.

As stated before, if you can walk with the children don't drive. Less cars moving around the less chance someone will get hit. I love the idea of parking the cars and having a location with little or no cars to trick or treat.