Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Parties

Halloween time brings amazing Halloween parties. A good Halloween party will keep guests talking until next year. What makes up a good Halloween party?
1. Food
2. Drink
3. Guests
4. Music
5. Fun
6. Good Costumes
7. Events/Contests.

Everyone wants some good food and drinks at the Halloween party. Having some scary looking and yummy food it a wonderful way to spruce up the night. Pumpkin can be turned into items like this pumpkin cookies.

How to make pumpkin cookies.

Decorations will also help to bring the party alive. The decorations will help to get all the guests in the same fun Halloween mood. Below is a link to an article on tips to help liven up a Halloween party which includes some good decoration ideas.

Tips to Liven up a Halloween party.

Guests and fun are linked together some. You need people who are ready for Halloween fun. Be careful not to invited too little or too many. Too few and there may not be enough people for the fun Halloween games. Too many and the party is just crowded.

Fun can be dancing, games, scavenger hunt, scary movies. Contest and Events can be fun too. A Costume contest can be a wonderful way to get guest to really dress up for Halloween and show off some creative skills. For a really creative bunch you can even make the best homemade costumes.

I think the best part of a Halloween party is all the fun I get to have decorating and then seeing all the different costumes. A little bit of planning and the Halloween party will be hit.