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Monday, October 14, 2013

Making Halloween more environment friendly – Walking

Every year on Halloween you can see a lineup of cars following the children. In some cases this can’t be helped but cars can be dangerous to the trick or treat children. Children can be so small and we trick or treat when it is dark out in many areas. Walking is the best bet for everyone. It is healthier for the environment, gets exercise in for the whole family, and saves gas.

Reduce the number of cars driving around if you can. Walking with the children will add extra safety into their trick or treating. This will add more safety to your children and to yourself. I loved where my parents live when we lived near them. They live in subdivision which is one of the prime locations in that area for trick or treating. Most parents would park at the beginning of the subdivision. The subdivision went in three circles but had only the one in and out. This created the perfect trick or treat spot. Although some people did drive, many would walk with the children.

Walking on trick or treat night is a wonderful way to get exercise in as most of us are going to enjoy some candy in the end. A good walk can help us to burn off those extra calories we are going to eat. For the best reason to walk on trick or treat night is the money you can save by not using so much gas, which is also good for the environment.